!! $[Displaying] {$UpFile}

%p% {*$PrevLink} [[{*$FullName} | $[Back to gallery] ]] {*$NextLink}

(:thumb "{*$UpDirUpFile}" width=600 exif=1 captionfmt="?f (?kkB)?NDimensions: ?wx?hpx ?N File timestamp: ?t ?N Picture creation timestamp: ?T ?N Camera: ?M ?m ?N ISO speed ratings: ?I ?N Focal length: ?F?N Aperture number: ?A?N User comments: ?C":)

%p% {*$PrevLink} [[{*$FullName} | $[Back to gallery] ]] {*$NextLink}

A comments page would be {*$UpFilePage}
(:noaction:)(:title {*$UpFile}:)


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Testing the new page variables

They are the same as the "Percent-variables", but start with *$ThumbList_, example: '?h'='{*$ThumbList_h}'

* [=?w ?h ?b ?k ?f=]: {*$ThumbList_w} {*$ThumbList_h} {*$ThumbList_b} {*$ThumbList_k} {*$ThumbList_f}
* [=?W ?H ?t ?T ?G=]: {*$ThumbList_W} {*$ThumbList_H} {*$ThumbList_t} {*$ThumbList_T} {*$ThumbList_G}
* [=?M ?m ?A ?F=]: {*$ThumbList_M} {*$ThumbList_m} {*$ThumbList_A} {*$ThumbList_F}
* [=?E ?I ?C=]: {*$ThumbList_E} {*$ThumbList_I} {*$ThumbList_C}
  • ?w ?h ?b ?k ?f:
  • ?W ?H ?t ?T ?G:
  • ?M ?m ?A ?F:
  • ?E ?I ?C: