This functionality was suggested by Dominique Faure.

With the "Template trail" feature (with the parameter usetemplate=1), thumbnails will link to a wiki page containing the original pictures with some other formatting (done inside a Group/ImageTemplate page). Every "image trail" contains only the pictures from the thumblist/thumbgallery. Can it link to a trail from a different thumblist/thumbgallery?

I want to have single thumbnails, placed freely in the page, but linking to an image-template-trail, defined in the page, containing all of them. This is possible from version 85H.

Step 1: Define ("id=foo") a hidden thumbgallery containing the pictures

(:thumbgallery tlmode=-1 usetemplate=1 id=foo:)

This should be at the beginning of the page. It displays nothing with tlmode=-1. It needs usetemplate=1 in order to cache the list of pictures. It needs the id=some_unique_name parameter to identify the list. This unique name will be used later in thumbnails, with the parameter usetemplate=some_unique_name. (In the example, some_unique_name is "foo".)

Step 2: Place your thumbnails linking to the defined trail

(:thumb Bridge_declarer.jpg usetemplate=foo:)
(:thumb Citrus_fruits.jpg usetemplate=foo:)
Bridge_declarer.jpg: 900x792, 127k (2009-02-13 12:30) Citrus_fruits.jpg: 800x527, 159k (2009-02-13 12:30)

Download. DifferentTrails-ImageTemplate.