This page demonstrates the new capability of the parameter tlmode=2.

A ThumbGallery displays only the files that are specifically entered in the wiki page, getting their captions from the page.

A ThumbGallery in "Thumblist mode" (tlmode=1) will show all files in the upload directory, only getting their captions from the page, if they exist.

The new tlmode=2 will actually list the files that would otherwise be displayed, in a text format ready to be copied into the wiki page and filled with the captions.

'''Listing the files:'''
(:thumbgallery px=30 count=20..30 tlmode=2 cols=3:)
Hubble2005-01-barred-spiral-galaxy-NGC1300.jpg | A spiral galaxy
ISS_Aug2005.jpg | The International Space Station"Very tasty!" | A duck
MarsSunsetCut.jpg | A sunset on Mars

Listing the files:

Fitz_Roy_1.jpg | 
Fractal_Broccoli.jpg | 
Hubble2005-01-barred-spiral-galaxy-NGC1300.jpg | A spiral galaxy
Hurricane_Dennis_on_July_7_2005_1550_UTC.jpg | 
ISS_Aug2005.jpg | The International Space Station
Ill_Miss_You_Dad_by_Cecilio_M._Ricardo_Jr.jpg | 
Kaernten_CoA.svg.png | 
Life_Saint-Austremoine_Issoire_bottom_n2.jpg | 
M104_ngc4594_sombrero_galaxy_hi-res.jpg |"Very tasty!" | A duck
MarsSunsetCut.jpg | A sunset on Mars

For example, I have added some files and captions, then I uploaded more files. Instead of writing the filenames|captions by hand, I can use tlmode=2 and then copy the list, edit the page and paste the list in the page. Then, just fill in the blanks.

The above demo only shows the listing of the files by tlmode=2 And here are the files by tlmode=1:

(:thumbgallery px=30 count=20..30 tlmode=1:)
Fitz_Roy_1.jpg: 480x640, 74k (2009-02-13 12:30) Fractal_Broccoli.jpg: 800x600, 73k (2009-02-13 12:30) Hubble2005-01-barred-spiral-galaxy-NGC1300.jpg: 800x456, 56k (2009-02-13 12:30) Hurricane_Dennis_on_July_7_2005_1550_UTC.jpg: 498x640, 95k (2009-02-13 12:30) ISS_Aug2005.jpg: 800x541, 124k (2009-02-13 12:30) Ill_Miss_You_Dad_by_Cecilio_M._Ricardo_Jr.jpg: 547x640, 67k (2009-02-13 12:30) Kaernten_CoA.svg.png: 566x640, 200k (2009-02-13 12:30) Life_Saint-Austremoine_Issoire_bottom_n2.jpg: 652x640, 159k (2009-02-13 12:30) M104_ngc4594_sombrero_galaxy_hi-res.jpg: 800x448, 39k (2009-02-13 12:30) 800x571, 116k (2009-02-13 12:30) MarsSunsetCut.jpg: 800x242, 11k (2009-02-13 12:30)