This page demonstrates the display of IPTC comments embedded in the pictures.

San Marco  (Venetië) tekening 2008San Marco (Ventië) 2008Tekeningen S7001618

The third picture has no IPTC comments.

To enable IPTC comments extraction, you need to have Mini version 20150925 or newer and PmWiki 2.2.58 or newer, and to place the following function in config.php, after the include_once line:

function uMini_IPTC($m){
  $fname = $m[1];
  $info = $GLOBALS['Mini']['info'];
  $xiptc = '';
    $iptc = @iptcparse($info['APP13']);
    $xiptc = @$iptc["2#120"][0];
    # $xiptc = iconv('ISO8859-1', "UTF-8//IGNORE", @$iptc["2#120"][0]);
  if($xiptc>'')return $xiptc;
  return $fname;
$Mini['FNameRPat']['/^(.*)$/'] = "uMini_IPTC";

In case you need to do some character conversions (typically, the IPTC tags are in Windows-1252 encoding, and this wiki here is in UTF-8), remove the # on the line containing iconv.