This is an experimental way to have two or more Hidden slideshows in the same page, with Lightbox mode 2.

Mini set 1

We wrap around the Mini sets div blocks with the class "showfirst":

image01image03image04ISS Aug2005

Mini set 2

Hurricane Dennis on July 7 2005 1550 UTCKaernten CoA.svgM104 ngc4594 sombrero galaxy hi-resmonde

CSS code to add

Such a code can be added to pmwiki/pub/css/local.css or to the skin css file:

div.showfirst a.minilink {display:none;}
div.showfirst a.minilink:first-child {display:inline;}

This should work in current browsers. I have read that for MSIE 8 to work with the :first-child selector, the skin template should start with a <!DOCTYPE...> declaration. --Petko 2012-12-04 14:49