Users have asked if it was possible that a click on the (random or not) thumbnails sends not to the big pictures, but to a different wiki page containing the whole gallery.

Versions 2007-11-28 and newer

You can use the new link=Group.Page parameter. This one links to Order:

(:thumblist count=3..4 px=64 link=T.Order:)
Achelousaurus_dinosaur.png: 640x640, 575k (2009-02-13 12:30) Aerogelbrick.jpg: 606x640, 62k (2009-02-13 12:30)

Note that the linked page should be written in full name ("Group.Page" with correct capitalization), relative links (just "Page") won't work.

Versions 2007-09-17 and newer

You can use the new link=2 parameter:

(:thumblist T.T count=2 px=64 link=2:)
2014-11-29T14.01.20-PB297709-Sin.jpeg: 444x351, 13k (2015-03-16 23:22) A_smoky_day_at_the_Sugar_Bowl--Hupa.jpg: 472x640, 50k (2009-02-13 12:30)

This way the two thumbnails that belong to the T.T page link to that page instead of to the bigger original pictures. It is assumed that the target page contains the full photo gallery.

Versions before 2007-09-17

Actually, this also works for newer versions. There are two more possible ways to achieve this:

for one picture
[[OtherPage| (:thumblist OtherPage count=1 order=random link=-1:) ]] for a random thumbnail, or
[[OtherPage| (:thumb OtherPage/hot-chick.jpg link=-1:) ]] for one specified thumbnail.
Note the "link=-1" parameter; no tables, no captionfmt= (eventually, titlefmt= may work).
for one or a small number of pictures
also use the link=-1 parameter and add a text link to the other page:
%cframe width=240px% (:thumblist count=2 px=64 order=random link=-1:)\\
[[T|Visit gallery]]

2014-11-29T14.01.20-PB297709-Sin.jpeg: 444x351, 13k (2015-03-16 23:22)V838_Mon_HST.jpg: 640x640, 65k (2009-02-13 12:30)
Visit gallery

This way, your visitors will click on the text link and not on the thumbnails. (With version 2007-09-17 and newer, you can also use link=2 instead of link=-1.)