Mini: a lightweight picture gallery

This page is set to demonstrate the Mini: recipe for PmWiki.

Mini is a new Image Gallery / Thumbnail generator for PmWiki. It was born out of the well known Thumblist2. See documentation at Cookbook:Mini on, you can download the Mini+Ultralightbox bundle there.

Here you can get the latest code of the mini.php script (possibly the same as in the Cookbook).

Mini:T./a*"|pics from T/ starting with A"
pics from T/ starting with Apics from T/ starting with Apics from T/ starting with Apics from T/ starting with A pics from T/ starting with A
Mini:T./S*,r*,t* | pics starting with S, R or T
Robby Naish a-1Screen Shot 2022-04-01 at 17.35.39ScreenShot2022-04-01at17.35.39shuttle.phpSnow crystalsSTS 114 day before launchSunset-MarneTsunami by hokusai 19th century
pics starting with S, R or T

It is possible to suppress links by using lowercase mini: [[Link | mini:Pic.jpg]] and therefore have alternative links:

mini:T./p*,q* | pics starting with P or Q, Not Linked
[[Main.WikiSandbox|mini:T./Achelousaurus_dinosaur.png]] | This one links to WikiSandbox
Peablue October 2007 Osaka JapanPolarlicht 2PorticoguardiagrelePort wineProkudin-Gorskii-12Prokudin-Gorskii-19Purine Nucleoside PhosphorylaseQuebec Bridge - Pont de Quebec
pics starting with P or Q, Not Linked
Achelousaurus dinosaur
This one links to WikiSandbox

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World Map 1689Vasnetsov samoletTsunami by hokusai 19th centuryLife Saint-Austremoine Issoire bottom n2

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USA Antelope-CanyonWindbuchencomEsztergom.bazilika.lightsFitz Roy 1MtHood TrilliumLakePolarlicht 2Neuschwanstein Castle LOC print rotatedPorticoguardiagreleProkudin-Gorskii-12Quebec Bridge - Pont de QuebecA smoky day at the Sugar Bowl--HupaBreslau Ring Ostseite 1890-1900


Bees Collecting Pollen 2004-08-14Peablue October 2007 Osaka lupus layingNMMP dolphin with locatorAchelousaurus dinosaur

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Columbia.sts-1.01NASA Apollo 17 Lunar Roving VehicleM104 ngc4594 sombrero galaxy hi-resV838 Mon HSTHubble2005-01-barred-spiral-galaxy-NGC1300MarsSunsetCutISS Aug2005Atlantis Docked to MirSTS 114 day before launchHurricane Dennis on July 7 2005 1550 UTCSnow crystalsWrightflyer

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Citrus fruitsFractal BroccoliPort wine

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